Random Comics (33 photos)

Collection of random short comics

Obama's speech to GermanyI'd like to ask for a mortgage.In the eye of the beholderTypes of geeksYour Personality Type: INTROVERTYour SpermEnvironmentalism vs RealitySuicideFirst SnowflakeAlternate EnergySenile Superheroes: ElektraSenile Superheroes: Batman and RobinSenile Superheroes: DaredevilSenile Superheroes: Doc OcSenile Superheroes: The HulkSenile Superheroes: Silver SurferSenile Superheroes: SpidermanSenile Superheroes: NeptuneSenile Superheroes: SupergirlSenile Superheroes: SupermanSenile Superheroes: ThorSenile Superheroes: WonderwomanSenile Superheroes: FlashHow Wallstreet worksHow the world worksHow programmers write linesFreddy vs Jason vs WolverineHigh school - where you meet the people you'll be avoiding all your life

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