Black and White (15 photos)

Sled Dog Team, Denali National Park, Alaska   16Moonrise Over Negit Island, Mono Lake, CaliforniIcy Cold River, Ontario   1600x1200   ID 10606  Teton Mountains, Wyoming   1600x1200   ID 10585Channel Near Cape Horn, Chile   1600x1200   ID 3Loch Katrine, Scotland   1600x1200   ID 31279Mount Saint Helens and Spirit Lake, Washington  Death Valley Sand Dunes, California   1600x1200 bCallanish Standing Stones, Isle of Lewis, ScotlaBedford Oak, New York City   1600x1200   ID 1061Field, Cheshire, England (Infrared Film)   1600xRoad Through Craters of the Moon, Idaho   1600x1Hay Harvest (Infrared Film)   1600x1200   ID 312Ranger Creek Falls, South Cumberland Recreation

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