Gil Elvgren Pin-up Girls (99 photos)

Vintage Pin-up Girls by artist Gil Elvgren Please visit for more

Dumb PluckDream Girl 1945Dream Date 1968Drawing Attention 1949Double Trouble 1951Doggone Good (Puppy Love) 1959Dog Gone 1946Doctors Orders 1939 DowDoctor Are All Those Fellows Interns 1946Do You Think I No Too Much 1948Ditzler Ad 3Ditzler Ad 2Ditzler Ad 1Disturbing Elements 1939 DowDid Someone Whistle 1947Denise (Pur r rty Pair) 1960De Fence (On De Fence) DowDarlene 1958Dampened Doll 1967Curving Around 1960Cracker Capers 1960Cover Up 1955Corinne 1960sCooling Off 1958Confidentially It Sticks 1948Coming Right Up 1956Come and Get It 1959Cold Feed 1958Clean Sweep 1963Class Dismissed 1970Check And Double Check 1946Charming 1961Caught Napping 1954Caught in the DraftCatch On 1941 DowBudding Out 1968Breathless Moment 1945Bow Spirit 1960sBlind Date Dow 1945 DowBlanket Coverage 1952Bird's Eye View 1955Bird's Eye View  1942 DowBest Foot Forward 1958Belle Wringer 1941 DowBeautiful Lady 1966Beat That 1953Bear Facts 1962Be My Guest 1963Barrel of Fun 1966Barbecutie 1964Back in the Saddle 1944Aw Come On 1953Appreciate Audience 1960Annette 1966Ankles Aweigh 1939 DowAnchors A Wow 1968American Beauties 1949Always in Time 1960Aloha Oooooo 1968All Wound Up 1964All Smiles 1962All Set 1956Air Conditioned 1950Aiming to Please 1960Aiming to Please 1946Aiming High 1959A Warm Welcome 1959A Stitch in Time 1957A Spicy Yarn 1952A Sharp Lookout 1961A Shady Trick 1953A Refreshing Lift 1970A Real Stopper 1949A Put Up Job 1955A Polished Performance 1964A Perfect PairA Peek a Knees 1939 DowA Number to Remember 1955A New Wrinkle 1961A Neat Package 1961A Neat Display 1953A Near Miss 1960A Near Miss (Right on Target) 1964A Lot at Steak 1950A Live Wire 1930 DowA Lad Her Problem 1940 DowA Knotty Problem 1950 JPGA Knockout 1967 DowA Key Situation 1967A Hitch In Time 1940 DowA Grand Slam (April Shower) 1961A Good Sign 1951A Good Hook Up 1937 Dow JPGA Good Connection 1958A Fast Takeoff 1954A Fair Shake 1960A Delightful Date 1961A Cute Injury 1953A Christmas Eve (Waiting for Santa) 1954

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