Old India in Paintings Collection (105 photos)

Weeks Edwin The Barge Of The Maharaja Of BenaresWeeks Edwin Gate Of The Fortress At Agra IndiaWeeks Edwin The Temple And Tank Of Walkeshwar At BombayWeeks Edwin Lord Village in Atlas Mountains MoroccoErnst Rudolph Evening PrayerWeeks Edwin Lord White Marble Tomb at Suittitor SkiriWeeks Edwin Lord Market Square in Front of the Sacristy and Doorway of the Cathedral GranadaWeeks Edwin Lord An Indian GharryWeeks Edwin A Rajah Of JodhpurWeeks Edwin Water Carriers Of The GangesErnst Rudolph An Arab SageWeeks Edwin Lord TangiersWeeks Edwin The Snake Charmers BombayWeeks Edwin Lord Courtyard in MoroccoWeeks Edwin Great Mogul And His Court Returning From The Great Mosque At Delhi IndiaWeeks Edwin Lord A Marketplace In IspahanWeeks Edwin Indian Prince And Parade CeremonyGnaoua in a North African InteriorRudolph Ernst Der Weise (The Sage) 1886Weeks Edwin Lord Moorish Girl Lying On A CouchWeeks Edwin The Arab GunsmithErnst Rudolph Les CaptivesWeeks Edwin Sketch Two Nautch GirlsErnst Rudolph Salome and the TigersErnst Rudolf The Staircase Under The TreesWeeks Edwin Rajah Starting On A HatWeeks Edwin Lord Interior of the Mosque at CordovaErnst Rudolf The Palace GuardWeeks Edwin Lord Scene at Sale MoroccoWeeks Edwin Lord The RiderErnst Rudolf The Tiger HuntA Royal ProcessionStanding GuardWeeks Edwin Lord Blacksmith Shop at TangiersWeeks Edwin Departure For The HuntWeeks Edwin Lord Powder Play City of Morocco outside the WallsWeeks Edwin Wedding Procession JodhpurWeeks Edwin The Metalsmiths ShopErnst R The ReaderWeeks Edwin Moguls ElephantWeeks Edwin Lord The Departure Of A Caravan From The Gate Of Shelah  MoroccoWeeks Edwin Entering The Mosque 1885Weeks Edwin Lord The Last VoyageErnst Rudolf Le Marchand De FleursWeeks Edwin Along The Ghats MathuraRoyal ElephantWeeks Edwin Leaving For The HuntWeeks Edwin The Silk MerchantsWeeks Edwin Lord Arrival of a Caravan Outside The City of MoroccoWeeks Edwin Lord A Court in The Alhambra in the Time of the MoorsWeeks Edwin Old Blue Tiled Mosque Outside Of Delhi IndiaWeeks Edwin Lord Indian Barbers SaharanporeWeeks Edwin Lord A Persian CafeWeeks Edwin Lord Traveling in PersiaErnst Rudolf Odalisque Avec PuttisMan in ArmourWeeks Edwin Lord Along The NileErnst Rudolph Reading A BookWeeks Edwin Craftsman Selling Cases By A Teak Wood Building AhmedabadErnst Rudolph A Moorish InteriorErnst Rudolph The TerraceWeeks Edwin Moorish GuardWeeks Edwin Lord At The River CrossingWeeks Edwin Moroccan Market RabatWeeks Edwin Leaving For The Hunt At Gwalior 1887Weeks Edwin Lord Standing Arab WomanWeeks Edwin Indian Prince Palace Of AgraTwo Arabs Reading in a CourtyardWeeks Edwin Lord Girl in a Moorish CourtyardErnst Rudolf Harem GuardAn Open Air Restaurant LahoreThe Pashas Favourite TigerErnst Rudolph The MusicianErnst Rudolph An Afternoon ShowAfter PrayerErnst Rudolf Awaiting The TigerWeeks Edwin Feeding The Sacred Pigeons JaipurErnst Rudolf Favorite Of The FarmErnst Rudolph By the EntranceErnst Rudolf The Rug MerchantWeeks Edwin Lord An Indian Hunting PartyWeeks Edwin Before A Mosque 1883The Moorish BazaarWeeks Edwin Lord Hindu MerchantsErnst Rudolf Smoking The HookahWeeks Edwin Lord Gate of Shehal MoroccoWeeks Edwin Lord The Maharahaj of Gwalior Before His PalaceErnst Rudolph Elegant Arab Ladies on a Terrace at SunsetThe ManicureWeeks Edwin Lord Man Leading a CamelErnst Rudolf The Money ChangerWeeks Edwin Festival At Fatehpur SikriWeeks Edwin Arrival Of Prince Humbert The Rajah At The Palace Of AmberWeeks Edwin On The River BenaresWeeks Edwin The Golden Temple Amritsar 1890Ernst Rudolf In The AlhambraErnst Rudolph The Harem BathErnst Rudolf The HammampreviewWeeks Edwin Outside An Indian Dye HouseWeeks Edwin The Return Of The Imperial Court From The Great Mosque At DelhiWeeks Edwin Lord Street Scene BombayWeeks Edwin Street Scene In IndiaErnst Rudolf The BeggarWeeks Edwin Lord Open Market Morocco

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