State Hermitage Collection 1 (452 photos)

Works from the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. This album includes works by artists with last names that end with A or B such as Albrecht Adam, Fiodor Alexeyev, Hiroshige Ando, Alexander Archipenko, Francesco Bassano, Pompeo Batoni, Vasily Ivanovich Bazhenov, Karl Petrovich Beggrov, Jacques Bellange, Bernardo Bellotto, Nicolaes Pietersz Berchem, Ferdinand Bol, Pierre Bonnard, Francois Boucher, Sebastien Bourdon & more.

Avnatamov A    Winter Races on the Neva   JRG 20030Aachen Hans van   Allegory of Peace Art and Abundance   GJ 695Aachen Hans von   The Holy Family   GJ 2370Achenbach Andreas   Landscape with a Stream   GJ 8299Achenbach Oswald   Fireworks in Naples   GJ 7329Achenbach Oswald   Garden in a Monastery   GJ 3798Ackerfeldt Gotthard Wilhelm Als Peder   Portrait of Christian VII King of Denmark   GJ 4471Adam Albrecht   Battle of Moscow on 7 September 1812   OR 25992Adam Albrecht   Battle of Smolensk on 18 August 1812   OR 25980Adam Albrecht   Horses at the Porch   GJ 5443Adam Albrecht   In the Environs of Moscow on 14 September 1812   OR 25998Adam Albrecht   In the Environs of Viazma on 28 August 1812   OR 25987Adam Albrecht   Italian Corp of Eugene Beauharnais Crossing the Niemen on 30 June 1812   OR 25932Adam Albrecht   Veliki Solezhniki  Headquarters  Night of 9 July 1812   OR 25939Adolsky Odolsky Ivan I Grigoryevich   Portrait of Tsarevna Anna Petrovna   JRX 565Adriaenssen Alexander   Fish and Dead Game   GJ 7282Adriaenssen Alexander   Fish Piece   GJ 7281Adrianssen Vincent Malo Vincent   Massacre of the Innocents   GJ 10214Aelst Willem van   Snack   GJ 1019Aersten Pieter   Trader in Game   GJ 3255Afanasyev Konstantin Yakovlevich   Portrait of Emperor Nicholas I   JRG 14760Afanasyev Konstantin Yakovlevich   Portrait of the Senator and Honorary Member of the Academy of Sciences Grigory Teplov   JRG 15927Afanasyev Konstantin Yakovlevich   Portrait of Vasily Plavilshchikov   JRG 15322Ainmiller Max Emanuel   Interior of a Church   GJ 4750Aivazovsky Ivan Konstantinovich   Ship in the Stormy Sea   JRX 2344Albani Francesco   Annunciation   GJ 86Albani Francesco   Baptism of Christ   GJ 29Albani Francesco   Holy Women at Chirsts Tomb   GJ 4795Albani Francesco   Rape of Europa   GJ 55Albertinelli Mariotto   Adoration of the Christ Child   GJ 2067Alcanyis Miguel de   Crucifixion   GJ 7304Alexeyev Fiodor   Bell Tower of Ivan the Great   JRR 6522Alexeyev Fiodor   Boyar Ground in the Moscow Kremlin   JRR 6789Alexeyev Fiodor   Cathedral of St Basil the Blessed and the Saviour Gate   JRR 6786Alexeyev Fiodor   Feast of the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan in Red Square   JRR 6533Alexeyev Fiodor   Illumination in Sobornaya Square in Honour of Emperor Alexander Is Coronations   JRR 6530Alexeyev Fiodor   Interior of the Cathedral of Resurrection of Christ in New Jerusalem View of the Cubiculum in the Rotunda of the Cathedral   JRR 6532Alexeyev Fiodor   Military Hospital at Lefortovo   JRR 6531Alexeyev Fiodor   Monastery of the Trinity and St Sergius   JRR 6523Alexeyev Fiodor   Monastery of the Trinity and St Sergius  View of the Dormition Cathedral Bell Tower and Refectory Chamber   JRR 6785Alexeyev Fiodor   New Jerusalem  Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ   JRR 6528Alexeyev Fiodor   Panoramic View of Kolomenskoye   JRR 6525Alexeyev Fiodor   Panoramic View of Tsaritsyno   JRR 6791Alexeyev Fiodor   Strastnaya Passion Square Triumphal Gates Church of St Demetrius of Thessalonica and Kozitskayas Mansion   JRR 6787Alexeyev Fiodor   View of Moscow   JRX 2476Alexeyev Fiodor   View of Moscow from the Trinity Gates in the Kremlin View of Moscow University   JRR 6527Alexeyev Fiodor   View of Sobornaya Square Faceted Chamber Dormition Cathedral and Ivan the Great Bell Tower   JRR 6521Alexeyev Fiodor   View of the Cathedral of St Basil the Blessed from Moskvoretskaya Street   JRR 6534Alexeyev Fiodor   View of the Church of Behind the Gold Railing and the Terem Palace The Saviour Cathedral and Boyar Ground   JRR 6520Alexeyev Fiodor   View of the Church of Our Lady of Greben and Vladimir Nicholas Gate in Kitai Town   JRR 6535Alexeyev Fiodor   View of the Church of St Nicholas the Large Cross on the Ilyinka   JRR 6529Alexeyev Fiodor   View of the Foundling Hospital   JRR 6526Alexeyev Fiodor   View of the Resurrection Gate and Neglinny Bridge from Tverskaya Street   JRR 6524Alexeyev Fiodor   View of the Senate Arsenal Buildings and St Nicholas Gate in the Moscow Kremlin   JRR 6790Alexeyev Fiodor   View of the Terem Palace and Cathedral of Our Saviour   JRR 6788Algardi Alessandro   Monks Saints of the Orden of Jesus   OR 27Ali Naqi   Woman Holding a Cup and a Decanter   QLVR 740QL4XVIIAli Quli b  Muhammad   European Landscape   QLVR 950Alix Ives   Court Scene   GJ 8995Allan William   Bashkirs   GJ 9579Allan William   Portrait of a Man   GJ 6871Allegrain Etienne   Landscape with Moses Saved from the Nile   GJ 1133Allori Alessandro   Allegory of the Christian Church   GJ 8430Allori Alessandro   Portrait of Eleonora Dinora da Toledo   GJ 1586Allori Christofano   Head of a Boy   OR 40803Altdorfer Altbrecht   Madonna and Child Giving a Benedection to Nature   OG 151182Altdorfer Altbrecht   St Jerome in the Cave   OG 141349Amaral Miguel Antonio do   Portrait of Joseph Emanuel King of Portugal   GJ 4438Amaral Miguel Antonio do   Portrait of Joseph Prince of Brasil and Beira   GJ 4430Amaral Miguel Antonio do   Portrait of Maria Francisca Princess of Brasil and Beira   GJ 4431Amaral Miguel Antonio do   Portrait of Marianna Victoria Queen of Portugal   GJ 4429Amaral Tarsila do   An Angler   GJ 8915Amberger Christoph   Portrait of a Man   GJ 681Amberger Christoph   Portrait of a Woman   GJ 682Amelin Albin   Civilization in General Francos Way   GJ 9037Amelin Albin   Two Women by the Window   GJ 9038Amigoni Amiconi Jacopo   Peter I with Minerva with the Allegorical Figure of Glory   GJ 2754Amman Iost   Allegory of Mining   OR 35Ando Hiroshige   Sheet A Street in the Shitaya District   YT 3693Ando Hiroshige   Sheet Feast Procession at Kojipachi   YT 2520Ando Hiroshige   Sheet Lobster and Shrimps   YT 3684Ando Hiroshige   Sheet Red Sea Bream   YT 3683Ando Hiroshige   Sheet The Benten Temple near the Haneda Ferry   YT 2258Ando Hiroshige   Sheet The Kasuma ga seki Outpost   YT 3442Ando Hiroshige   Sheet The Lokality of Naito Shinjuki at Yotsuya   YT 2269Ando Hiroshige   Sheet The Minowa Kanasugi and Mikawashima Settlements   YT 3369Ando Hiroshige   Sheet The Moon Pine at Ueno   YT 2295Ando Hiroshige   Sheet The Sanjusangendo Temple in the Fukagawa District   YT 3443Ando Hiroshige   Sheet The Yoshiwara Station to the Left of Fuji   YT 3694Ando Hiroshige   Sheet View of Akibasan Mount at Kagegawa   YT 2941Ando Hiroshige   Sheet View of the Yatsumi no hashi Bridge   YT 2311Andrea del Sarto   Holy Family with St John the Baptist   GJ 6680Andrea del Sarto   The Virgin and the Child with Saints Catherine Elizabeth and John the Baptist   GJ 62Andreyev Ivan   Portrait of Ivan Lukin   JRX 792Angeli Giuseppe   Lesson in Astronomy   GJ 8438Angeli Heinrich von   Portrait of Franz Josef I   GJ 9600Angeli Heinrich von   Portrait of Grand Duchess Maria Fiodorovna   GJ 6975Angelico fra Beato fra Giovanni da Fiesole Guido di Pietro   Madonna and Child with four angels   GJ 4115Angelico fra Beato fra Giovanni da Fiesole Guido di Pietro   Reliquary with Christ and Angels   GJ 283Angelico fra Beato fra Giovanni da Fiesole Guido di Pietro   The Virgin and the Child with Sts Dominic and Thomas Aquinas   GJ 253Anquetin Louis   Bust of a Man Self Portrait   OR 43429Antolinez Jose Claudio   Annunciation   GJ 6830Antolinez Jose Claudio   Baptism of Christ   GJ 298Antolinez Jose Claudio   Descent from the Cross   GJ 301Antolinez Jose Claudio   St Mary of Egypt in the Desert   GJ 313Antonio da Firenze   Madonna and the Child with a Bishop St John The Baptist and Angels  On the Reverse The Crucifixion with the Virgin Mary and St John   GJ 8280Antropov Alexei Petrovich   Portrait of Catherine II   JRX 570Antropov Alexei Petrovich   Portrait of Fiodor Dubiansky   JRX 2639Aqa Bala   Portrait of a man with a Book   QLVR 692Archipenko Alexander   Group of Nude Figures   GR 155 69Archipenko Alexander   Nude Female Figure Shown from the Back   GR 155 57Archipenko Alexander   Nude Female Figure Shown from the Back   GR 155 98Archipenko Alexander   Seated Female Nude with Left Hand at Breast   GR 155 56Archipenko Alexander   Seated Female Nude with Left Hand on Right Leg   GR 155 60Archipenko Alexander   Seated Female Nude with Left Leg Bent   GR 155 58Archipenko Alexander   Standing Female Nude Touching Right Foot with Fingers   GR 155 61Archipenko Alexander   Three Nude Female Figures   GR 155 59Archipenko Alexander   Two Nude Female Figures  Seated and Bending   GR 155 68Archipenko Alexander   Two Nude Female Figures Standing and Seated   GR 155 62Archipenko Alexander   Two Nude Female Figures with a Cloth   GR 155 67Argunov Ivan Petrovich   Portrait of a Woman in a Blue Dress   JRX 2441Argunov Nikolai Ivanovich   Portrait of Count Nikolai Sheremetyev   JRX 1848Artemyev Prokofy Chelnakov Nikita   View of the Large Palace in Peterhof from the Gulf of Finland  Left side   JRG 20009Artemyev Prokofy Chelnakov Nikita   View of the Large Palace in Peterhof from the Gulf of Finland  Right side   JRG 20008Artemyev Prokofy Vnukov Akim Chelnakov Nikita   Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo  View from the Main Courtyard   JRG 3167731678Arthois Jacques d   Landscape with a Herd   GJ 8678Asselijn Jan   Riders Gallopping towards the Gates of the Fortress   GJ 1116Asselijn Jan   Winter Landscape   GJ 1115Assereto Gioacchino   Flagellation of Christ   GJ 4359Assereto Gioacchino   Isaac Blessing Jacob   GJ 1457Ast Balthasar van der   Plate with Fruits and Shells   GJ 3423Ast Balthasar van der   Still Life with Fruits Shells and Insects   GJ 8472Aub Jean Paul   Study for the Statue of Strength of the Monument to Gambetta   OR 13532Aubertin   Allegorical Figure of a Woman with a Sword   OR 13533Auburtin Jean Francis   Landscape with Overgrown Pond   OR 46426Auburtin Jean Francis   Landscape with Pines at a Moonlit Night   OR 46425Auguin E    Dedication   OR 13529Aveline Pierre Alexandre   The Signboard of the Gersaint Gallery   OG 131405Bichebois Louis Pierre Alphonce Adam Victor Vincent   View of St Isaacs Cathedral in Scaffolding   JRG 33095Bachelier Charles Claude   Panorama of St Petersburg from the Belfry the St Peter and St Payl Fortress   JRG 26546Backer Jacob Adriaensz   Granida and Daifilo   GJ 787Backer Jacob Adriaensz   Head of a Bald Old Man in Profile   GJ 775Backer Jacob Adriaensz   Portrait of a Young Man in a Fancy Dress   GJ 5604Backer Jacob Adriaensz   Rest of Diana and Her Nymphs   GJ 2767Backer Jacob de   Three Ages of Man  Allegory   GJ 397Baha al Din Gilani   Portrait of an Indian Prince   QLVR 740QL4XXVIBahram naqqash bashi   Portrait of Nadir Shah   QLVR 552Bail Joseph   Young Cook in the Kitchen   GJ 5202Bakhuizen Ludolf   Portrait of an Artist   GJ 3136Barbier A    Still Life with Apples   GJ 6233Barbier Albert   Recollections of Fontenbleau   OR 13534Barbier Paul   Head of a Girl in a Bluish Tunic   OR 43539Barbieri Giovanni Francesco Il Guercino   Raising of Tabitha  Sketch for the Painting The Raising of Tabitha Galleria Palatina Palazzo Pitti Florance   OR 3763Bardou Johann   Portrait of a Young Lady   OR 43341Bardou Johann   Portrait of an Elderly Lady   OR 14210Bardou Johann   Portrait of Prince Ivan Golitsyn   OR 27127Bardou Johann   Portrait of Princess Nadezhda Golitsyna   OR 27128Bardou Karl Wilhelm   Portrait of a Man Pozdniakov    OR 27138Bardou Karl Wilhelm   Portrait of a Middle Aged Man   OR 27243Bardou Karl Wilhelm   Portrait of a Middle Aged Man   OR 43561Bardou Karl Wilhelm   Portrait of a Russian General Ivan Skobelev    OR 27130Bardou Karl Wilhelm   Portrait of a Young Lady in a Low Necked Dress with a Pearl Necklace   OR 27144Barillot Leon   Two Cows   OR 13536Barker Thomas Jones   Queen Victoria Giving the Bible to an African Chief cartoon   GJ 7482Barocci Federico   Annunciation   OG 117490Barroso Miguel   St Andrew   GJ 1472Barroso Miguel   The Communion of the Virgin   GJ 323Bartholdi Frederic Auguste   Statue of Liberty in New York   OR 13535Bartolozzi Francesco   Bacchante   OG 355178Bartsius Bartius Willem   Death of Levis Wife   GJ 3384Basaiti Marco   Lamentation   GJ 5517Bassano Francesco Francesco da Ponte   Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes   GJ 2094Bassano Francesco Francesco da Ponte   Resurrection of the Righteous Heaven   GJ 1496Bassano Francesco Francesco da Ponte   Summer   GJ 232Bassano Francesco Francesco da Ponte   Winter   GJ 233Bassano Jacopo Jacopo da Ponte   Descent from the Cross   GJ 1568Bassano Jacopo Jacopo da Ponte   St Fabian St Sebastian and St Roch   GJ 2590Bassano Jacopo and Francesco   Adoration of the Magi   GJ 3567Bassano Leandro Leandro da Ponte   Carrying of the Cross   GJ 8466Bassano Leandro Leandro da Ponte   Incredulity of St Thomas   GJ 2098Bassano Leandro Leandro da Ponte   Portrait of an Old Woman   GJ 2354Batoni Pompeo   Allegory of Voluptuousness   GJ 3735Batoni Pompeo   Continence of Scipio   GJ 2609Batoni Pompeo   Hercules at the Crossroads   GJ 4793Batoni Pompeo   Holy Family with Sts Elizabeth and John the Baptist   GJ 12Batoni Pompeo   Mercury Crowning Philosophy Mother of the Arts   GJ 3734Batoni Pompeo   Portrait of Prince B  Kurakin   GJ 5482Batoni Pompeo   Thetis Takes Achilles from the Centaur Chiron   GJ 2608Baudouin Boudewyns Adrian Frans Bonnart Robert   French Camp in front of the Fortress of Douai 1667   OG 92053Baudry Paul Jacques Aime   Portrait of Platon Chikhachov   GJ 4817Bazelaire Leonie de   Mountainous Landscape in Vosges   OR 13537Bazhenov Vasily Ivanovich   Plan of an Unrealised Pavilion A   OR 23353Bazhenov Vasily Ivanovich   Plan of an Unrealised Pavilion B   OR 23354Bazhenov Vasily Ivanovich   Plan of the Opera House  Ground Floor   OR 23338Bazhenov Vasily Ivanovich   Plan of the Pavilion of the Military Council   OR 23342Bazhenov Vasilyi Ivanovich   Plan of the Fancy Shaped Bridge   OR 23343Bazhenov Vasilyi Ivanovich   Plan of the First Hermitage   OR 23350Bazhenov Vasilyi Ivanovich   Plan of the Greenhouse   OR 23347Bazhenov Vasilyi Ivanovich   Plan of the Large Cavalry Block   OR 23341Bazhenov Vasilyi Ivanovich   Plan of the Opera House  First Floor Second Floor USA   OR 23339Bazhenov Vasilyi Ivanovich   Plan of the Palace  First Floor Second Floor USA   OR 23349Bazhenov Vasilyi Ivanovich   Plan of the Palace  Ground Floor First Floor USA   OR 23348Bazhenov Vasilyi Ivanovich   Plan of the Pavilion by the Fancy Shaped Bridge   OR 23340Bazhenov Vasilyi Ivanovich   Plan of the Pavilion with Facade Showing a Loaf of Bread Design  First Floor Second Floor USA   OR 23345Bazhenov Vasilyi Ivanovich   Plan of the Pavilion with Facade Showing a Loaf of Bread Design  Ground Floor First Floor USA   OR 23344Bazhenov Vasilyi Ivanovich   Plan of the Second Cavalry Block   OR 23346Bazhenov Vasilyi Ivanovich   Plan of the Second Hermitage   OR 23351Bazhenov Vasilyi Ivanovich   Plan of the Third Cavalry Block   OR 23352Beccafumi Domenico Domenico di Giovanni di Pace   Mystical Marriage of St Catherine   GJ 67Becker Georges   Coronation of Empreror Alexander III and Empress Maria Fyodorovna   JRX 1637Beerstraten Abraham   Winter View of Leyden   GJ 6850Begeyn Abraham   Seashore   GJ 3469Beggrov Karl Petrovich   Admiralty Shipyard   JRG 20220Beggrov Karl Petrovich   Portrait of the Actor Ivan Dmitrievsky   JRG 18133Beggrov Karl Petrovich   Shrove tide Fete with Tobogganing on the Tsars Meadow in St Petersburg   JRG 6110Beggrov Karl Petrovich   View of Nevsky Prospekt near the Gostiny Dvor   JRG 20737Beggrov Karl Petrovich   View of Sadovaya Street   JRG 20218Beggrov Karl Petrovich   View of the Arch of the General Staff Building from Palace Square   JRG 20032Beggrov Karl Petrovich   View of the Chain Panteleimonovsky Bridge across the Fontanka   JRG 7525Beggrov Karl Petrovich   View of the Dvortsovaya Palace Embankment   JRG 20221Beggrov Karl Petrovich   View of the Neva Embankment by the Hermitage Theatre   JRR 7188Beggrov Karl Petrovich   View of the Smolny Institute   JRG 20217Bekker Nikolai   Portrait of Prince F  F  Yusupov Count Sumarokov Elston   JRX 264Bella Stefano della   Equestrian Tournament   OR 45102Bellange Jacques   Adoration of the Magi   OG 15196Bellange Jacques   Gypsy with a Child   OR 15793Bellange Jacques   Gypsy with Two Children   OR 15799Bellange Jacques   Lamentation   GJ 10032Bellange Jacques   Lamentation   OR 16012Bellange Jacques   Seated Woman in Profile   OR 16124Bellange Jacques   Standing Figure   OR 15796Bellange Jacques   Study of an Apostles Figure   OR 15791Bellange Jacques   The Holy Women at the Sepulchre   OG 15200Bellange Jacques   Woman Holding a Basket of Flowers on her Head   OR 42233Bellange Jacques   Woman with a Spade   OR 16126Beller Alexander Ivanovich   Interiors of the Winter Palace  The Apollon Hall   JRX 2950Belli A    Portrait of Peter I copy   JRX 3295Bellotto Bernardo   Market place of the Neustadt in Dresden   GJ 202Bellotto Bernardo   Moat of Zwinger in Dresden   GJ 1384Bellotto Bernardo   Neumarkt in Dresden   GJ 204Bellotto Bernardo   Neumarktplatz Dresden   OG 121690Bellotto Bernardo   Old Fortifications of Dresden   GJ 207Bellotto Bernardo   Old Market place in Dresden the artists replica   GJ 211Bellotto Bernardo   Square with the Kreuz Kirche in Dresden   GJ 203Bellotto Bernardo   View of Pirna from Posta   GJ 208Bellotto Bernardo   View of Pirna from the Right Bank of the Elba   GJ 210Bellotto Bernardo   View of Pirna from the Sonnenstein Castle   GJ 209Bellotto Bernardo   Zwinger in Dresden   GJ 205Benfatto del Friso Alvise   Descent of the Hoby Spirit   GJ 152Benois Alexander Nikolayevich   View of Park in Peterhof   JRG 30398Benois Alexander Nikolayevich   View of the Monplaisir and Catherines Block Peterhof   JRG 30408Benois Alexander Nikolayevich   View of the Trelyazh Trellis Pavilion and Fountain Eve Peterhof   JRG 30406Benso Giulio   Christ and the Saints in the Clouds The Mystic Marriage of Christ to St Catherine of Siena and St Catherine of Alexandria with a Group of Saints   OR 1640Beranger Emile   Curions Woman   GJ 6954Berchem Nicolaes Pietersz   Annunciation to the Shepherds   GJ 1925Berchem Nicolaes Pietersz   Education of Jupiter   GJ 10089Berchem Nicolaes Pietersz   Hunters Resting   GJ 1101Berchem Nicolaes Pietersz   Italian Landscape with a Small Bridge   GJ 1097Berchem Nicolaes Pietersz   Italian Landscape with Two Young Women and Livestock   GJ 1103Berchem Nicolaes Pietersz   Rape of Europa   GJ 1102Berckheyde Gerrit Adriaensz   Groote Market in Haarlem   GJ 812Berckheyde Gerrit Adriaensz   View of the Ratshuis in Amsterdam   GJ 958Berckmans Matheus   Dance in a Tavern   GJ 5235Bergen Dirk van   Landscape   GJ 10589Bergognone Ambrogio di Stefano da Fossano   St Jacob the Elder   GJ 4109Bernigeroth J M    Portrait of Johanna Elizabeth Duchess of Anhalt Zerbst Mother of Catherine II   JRG 13670Bernini Gian Lorenzo   Disign for the Altar of the Holy Sacrament Vatican   OR 18467Besemann Adolf   Great Palace in Oranienbaum   JRR 5531Besnard Paul Albert   Portrait of a Woman   OR 45100Bestuzhev Nikolai   Portrait of Nikolai Bestuzhev 1791   1855   JRR 5252Bettanier Albert   Despair The Soldiers Return Home after the Defeat   OR 13538Bichebois L  P  A  Baillot A  J  B    Ceremonial Unveiling of the Alexander Column   JRG 25305Bichebois L  P  A  Baillot A  J  B    Raising of the Alexander Column   JRG 25292Buys Jacobus   Scene from Moliere Comedy Tartuffe   OR 27316Biliverti Giovanni   Study Heads and a Boys Figure   OR 7224Biliverti Giovanni   Tobiass Farewell to the Angel   GJ 41Billet Pierre   Digging for Oysters   GJ 8538Biscaino Bartolomeo   Adoration of the Shepherds   OR 16662Blain H    Study of a Mans Head   OR 13539Blanchard Jacques   St Cecilia   GJ 6546Blanchard Jacques   St Veronica   GJ 2557Blanche Jacques Emile   Portrait of a Woman   GJ 7540Blanchet Thomas   Doubting Thomas   OR 25395Blanchet Thomas   Landscape with sarcophagus   GJ 2595Bles Herri Met de   Landscape with Flight into Egypt   GJ 452Block Eugene Francois de   One Illusion less   GJ 4997Bloemaert Abraham   Landscape with the Prophet Elijah in the Desert   GJ 6802Bloemaert Abraham   Landscape with Tobias and the Angel   GJ 3545Bloemaert Abraham   Study of a Tree   OR 244Bloemen Jan Frans van Orizzonte   Italian Landscape   GJ 2421Bloemen Jan Frans van Orizzonte   Landscape with a Fountain   GJ 2422Bloemen Norbert van called Cephalus   Genre Scene   GJ 9894Bloemen Norbert van called Cephalus   Peasant Family Sitting at the Table   GJ 3007Bloemen Norbert van called Cephalus   Peasants Playing Cards   GJ 1392Bloemen Pieter van called Standart   Camp   GJ 4059Bloemen Pieter van called Standart   Horseman at Rest   GJ 3211Bloemen Pieter van called Standart   Mercury and Argus   GJ 10215Bloemen Pieter van called Standart   Open Air Manege   GJ 2201Bobadilla Geronimo de   Christ the Saviour   GJ 5571Bobadilla Geronimo de   Madonna with the Sleeping Infant Christ   GJ 8757Bocanegra Pedro Atanasio   St Dominic in Soriano   GJ 305Bodarevsky Nikolai Kornilyevich   Portrait of Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna   JRX 647Boeckhorst Jan   Young Lady in a Beret   OR 4330Bogaert Hendrick   Card Playing   JRX 1828Bogaert Hendrick   Dervish   JRX 1837Bogatsky Nikolai Timofeyevich   Portrait of Prince Alexander Mikhailovich Gorchakov   JRX 1013Bogdanov Belsky Nikolai Petrovich   Portrait of Maria Abamelek Lazareva   JRX 1382Bogdanov Belsky Nikolai Petrovich   Portrait of the Adjutant General P  P  Gesse   JRX 1741Bohnstedt Ludwig Franz Karl   Cameron Gallery and Grotto on the Shore of the Pond in Tsarskoye Selo   JRR 5533Bohnstedt Ludwig Franz Karl   Neva Embankment by the Western Facade of the Winter Palace   JRR 5526Bohnstedt Ludwig Franz Karl   Nevsky Prospekt by Anichkov Bridge   JRR 5525Bohnstedt Ludwig Franz Karl   View of the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island   JRR 5524Boilly Louis Leopold   At the Entrance   GJ 6643Boilly Louis Leopold   Game of Billiards   GJ 5666Boilly Louis Leopold   Painter   GJ 5662Boilly Louis Leopold   Politicians in the Tuileries Gardens   GJ 3524Boissieu Jean Jacques de   House with a Canopy   OR 25464Boissieu Jean Jacques de   Hut on the Bank of a River   OR 14214Bol Ferdinand   Abraham and Isaac   OG 235736Bol Ferdinand   Bacchus and Ariadne   GJ 760Bol Ferdinand   Dead Game   GJ 1445Bol Ferdinand   Esther and Mardochai   GJ 765Bol Ferdinand   Holy Family   OG 235740Bol Ferdinand   Moses and Jethro   GJ 8866Bol Ferdinand   Portrait of a Scholar Sitting at the Table   GJ 767Bol Ferdinand   Portrait of an Officer   GJ 778Bol Ferdinand   Portrait of an Old Woman with a Book   GJ 763Bol Ferdinand   St Jerome   OG 235738Bol Ferdinand   Young Woman at a Window   GJ 769Bol Hans   Spring   OR 354Boldrini Nicolo   Samson and Delilah   OG 151677Bolin Carl Edward   Self Portrait of Carl Edward Bolin   JRX 2925Bonavia Bonaria Carlo   Baia Bay   GJ 10119Bonifazio Veronese Bonifazio de Pitati   Adoration of the Shepherds   GJ 33Bonifazio Veronese Bonifazio de Pitati   Madonna and Child with St Catherine St John the Baptist St Dorotea and St Anthony the Abbot   GJ 39Bonifazio Veronese Bonifazio de Pitati   Portrait of a Young Man   GJ 93Bonnard Pierre   Behind the Fence   GJ 7709Bonnard Pierre   Corner of Paris   GJ 9025Bonnard Pierre   Dauphine Landscape   GJ 7757Bonnard Pierre   Early Spring  Little Fauns   GJ 9106Bonnard Pierre   Evening in Paris   GJ 9105Bonnard Pierre   Mediterranean  Triptych   GJ 9663Bonnard Pierre   Mediterranean  Triptych   GJ 9664Bonnard Pierre   Mediterranean  Triptych   GJ 9665Bonnard Pierre   Morning in Paris   GJ 9107Bonnard Pierre   Siene near Vernon   GJ 8700Bonnard Pierre   Study of a Standing Nude   OR 27237Bonnard Pierre   Train and Bardes Landscape with a Goods Train    GJ 6537Bonnat Leon Joseph Florentin   Arabian Sheikhs in the Mountains   GJ 9108Bonnat Leon Joseph Florentin   Fountain by St Peters Basilica in Rome   GJ 7078Bonnat Leon Joseph Florentin   Italian Woman   GJ 9016Bonnat Leon Joseph Florentin   Portrait of Prince Vyacheslav Tenishev   GJ 5172Bonnecroy Sebastiaen   Still Life with a Skull   GJ 9229Bonnet Louis   Portrait of Grand Duke Pavel Petrovich   JRG 16729Bonnet Louis Marin   Head of a Woman   OG 128049Borcht Hendrik van der   Still Life with a Collection of Curiosities   GJ 2445Bordon Paris   Holy Family with St Catherine   GJ 219Bordon Paris   Venus Flora Mars and Cupid Allegory   GJ 163Borel P F    Portrait of Alexander II   JRG 1822Borgianni Orazio   St Carlo Borromeo   GJ 2357Borione B    Grandfather with his Granddaughter Watching a Floating Swan   OR 13591Borovikovsky Vladimir Lukich   Portrait of Grand DuchessYelena Pavlovna   JRX 599Borovikovsky Vladimir Lukich   Portrait of Pavel Masyukov   JRX 2619Bos Pieter van den   Old Woman Reading a Book   GJ 910Bosboom Johannes   In the Church   GJ 5361Bosio Francois Joseph   Card Game   OG 246430Bossche Bosch Balthasar van den   Studio of a Sculptor   GJ 5718Bossche Bosch Balthasar van den   Studio of an Artist   GJ 5719Bossche Bosch Balthasar van den   Visit to a Sculptor   GJ 9947Bosse Abraham   Workshop of an Engraver   OG 23559Both Jan   Italian Landscape with a Path   GJ 1896Both Jan   Italian Landscape with Roman Warriors   GJ 3738Botticelli Sandro Alessandro da Mariano di Vanni di Amedeo Filipepi   St Dominic   GJ 4076Botticelli Sandro Alessandro da Mariano di Vanni di Amedeo Filipepi   St Jerome   GJ 4077Bottman Georg   Portrait of Count Alexander Benkendorff copy   JRX 209Bottman Georg   Portrait of Illarion Vasilyevich Vasilchikov copy   JRX 204Bouchardon Edme   Vase on Three Twisted Legs Shaped like Paws   OR 14630Bouchardon Edme   Wall Fountain with a Naiad and Tritons   OR 14640Boucher Francois   Crossing the Bridge   GJ 6328Boucher Francois   Crossing the Ford   GJ 6329Boucher Francois   Cupids  Allegory of Painting   GJ 7750Boucher Francois   Dessus de porte History   OR 42924Boucher Francois   Head of a Young Girl   GJ 5635Boucher Francois   Landscape Near Beauvais   GJ 5734Boucher Francois   Landscape with a Pond   GJ 1137Boucher Francois   Pastoral Scene   GJ 1275Boucher Francois   Pilgrims at Emmaus   OR 14283Boucher Francois   Study of a Female Nude   OR 382Boucher Francois   Study of Two Male Figures and a Dog   OR 37924Boucher Francois   Toilet of Venus   GJ 7655Boucher Francois   Triumph of Venus   GJ 7656Boucher Francois   Vinegar Seller   OR 376Boucher Francois   Woman in an Armchair Study for Breakfast   OR 10632Boucher Francois   Young Woman Sleeping   OR 40466Boudewijns Adriaen Frans Bout Peeter   Square in a Seaside Town   GJ 1410Boudin Eugene   Beach at Trouville   GJ 10597Bouguereau Adolphe William   Tobias Saying Good Bye to his Father   GJ 4426Boulanger Gustave Clarence Rodolphe   Theatrical Rehearsal in the House of an Ancient Rome Poet   GJ 3820Boullogne Bon I   Return of Jephthae   GJ 1244Bourdon Sebastien   Augustus before the Tomb of Alexander   GJ 2111Bourdon Sebastien   Bacchanalia   GJ 6420Bourdon Sebastien   Baptism of Christ   OR 396Bourdon Sebastien   Death of Dido   GJ 1247Bourdon Sebastien   Jacob Burying Labans Images   GJ 3682Bourdon Sebastien   Jacob Burying Labans Images   GJ 7481Bourdon Sebastien   Massacre of the Innocents   GJ 1223Bourdon Sebastien   Moses and the Burning Bush   GJ 6118Bourdon Sebastien   Portrait of a Man in Armour French Marshal   GJ 2452Bourdon Sebastien   Venus and Aeneas   GJ 2112Bout Peeter   Forge   GJ 2591Bout Peeter   Peasants by a Tavern   GJ 2581Braekeleer Adrien de   Home Music Party   GJ 9014Braekeleer Ferdinand de   Bird Has Flown   GJ 3815Braekeleer Ferdinand de   Fury of the French in Antwerp   GJ 3814Brakenburgh Richard   Peasants Dancing   GJ 2918Bramer Leonard   Still Life Vanitas   OG 235808Bramer Leonard   Still Life Vanitas   OG 235809Brangwyn Frank William   Charity   GJ 9091Bray Jan de   Allegorical Family Portrait   GJ 3492Bredael Jan Pieter van II   Wild Boar Hunt   GJ 6202Breydel Frans   Mummers   GJ 10135Brill Paul   Mountainous Landscape   GJ 1955Brodersen G    Design of a Goblet   JROQL3III 1590Brompton Richard   Portrait of Catherine II   GJ 1318Brompton Richard   Portrait of Grand Dukes Alexander Pavlovich and Constantine Pavlovich   GJ 4491Bronckhorst Jan Gerritsz van   Merry Society with a Violinist   GJ 3303Bronzino Angelo   Flaying of Marsias   GJ 250Bronzino Angelo   Portrait of Cosimo I Medici   GJ 1512Brouwer Adriaen   Innkeeper Singing   GJ 667Brouwer Adriaen   Tavern Scene The Village Fiddler   GJ 643Brouwer Adriaen   Village Charlatan The Operation for Stone in the Head   GJ 668Brozh Karel Carl   Burial of Alexander IIIin the Sts Peter and Paul Cathedral in St Petersburg   JRR 6004Brozh Karel Carl   Court Ball in the St Nicholas Hall of the Winter Palace   JRR 6000Brueghel Abraham   Fruit   GJ 7580Brueghel Jan I de Fluweelen Brueghel   Adoration of the Magi   GJ 3090Brueghel Jan I de Fluweelen Brueghel   Country Road   GJ 2246Brueghel Jan I de Fluweelen Brueghel   Edge of the Forest The Flight into Egypt   GJ 429Brueghel Jan I de Fluweelen Brueghel   Forest Landscape The Rest on the Flight into Egypt   GJ 424Brueghel Jan I de Fluweelen Brueghel   Winter Landscape   OR 470Brueghel Jan II   Holy Family Framed with Flowers   GJ 2997Brueghel Pieter II   Adoration of the Magi   GJ 3737Bruyn Bartholomaus I   Portrait of a Lady and Her Daughter   GJ 679Bruyn Bartholomaus I   Portrait of a Man and His Three Sons   GJ 678Bruyn Bartholomaus I   Skull in a Niche   GJ 5197Bry August   View of the Entrance to the Hrbour of Kronstadt   JRG 7793Bryullov Alexander Pavlovich   Sennaya Hay Square   JRG 17629Bryullov Karl Pavlovich   Portrait of N A  Okhotnikov   JRX 862Buchholtz Heinrich   Allegory of the Victory of the Russian Fleet over the Turks in the Turkish War of 1768 1774   JRX 1727Bugiardini Giulio di Pietro di Simone   Holy Family with John the Baptist   GJ 66Bunin Narkiz Nikolayevich   Sentinel of the Life Guard Horse Regiment in the Winter Palace   JRX 774Burde Paul   Parade in Berlin   GJ 9469Buys Jacobus   Scene from Lingelbachs Comedy False Virtue   OR 27320

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