The Golden Apple Tree (35 photos)

The golden Apple Tree by Ana Clark @ These illustrations were done by me. I had no idea I could draw until I decided to make some pictures to help me to write the book. They turned out pretty good considering not knowing I had a talent for it. I am sure I get better, as I continue to practice on my new drawings, from my new book entitled Lucy's Broomstick Adventures.

The Mother with baby Muriel and her twin sisters One-eye and Three-eye.Muriel in the kitchen.Muriel and her fairy.Muriel with her magical pet, Pinky.The mother confronting Muriel about Pinky.Muriel and her new  magical pet, Piggy.Muriel in the Green Valley, Piggy and her mean sister, One-eye.Muriel making a wish!
She wished a pretty dress to wear on her birthday. Also, Piggy who makes her wishes come true and her other mean sister, Three-eye.The Prince  following a golden light,arrived  at Muriel's cottage. The mother has hidden Muriel under a barrel and the three of them meet the prince. He asks them for a golden apple.The Prince discovered Muriel under the barrel due to a golden apple that dropped down from her tree. She offers him one of hers golden apples.This is the cover for the book entitled:
"The Golden apple Tree."

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