Chinglish (101 photos)

An album dedicated to Chinglish, the results of an English dictionary meeting Chinese grammar, and the hilarity that ensues when the message gets lost in translation.

This menu sounds appetizingMy favorite type of US Steak - the sinaked eye pick from Anne spaceIt actually means to say: Let people get off first, be polite.No Whoopla.Maybe I should learn a thing or two from the seaCan you tell what it says?  Hint: Read it backwardsslip and fall down carefullyThis is a case of dyslexia - it actually says "Toilets" backwardsI never saw the movie in this light.  Now I'll have to watch it again.No excuses!Did you know wikipedia comes in different flavors?Human technology meets your biggest organ!What kind of hardcore scenery?Sorry for the convenience!Some create names for these dishes.  I especially like "Black mushrooms rape"An x-rated menu.Would you like to drink some Bear?

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