Funny Signs (114 photos)

Funny signs from all over - feel free to add new ones!

Why do you let your dog shit on my doorSlow down cops hides behind this signThis sign has SHARP EDGESThe vehicle makes wide ass turns******Save a cow

Eat a vegetarianWatch for iceYou're late for workPlease don't let your dog shit on my front doorHumped Pelican crossingAttention DogsBong Receation AreaBe prepared for the unexpectedassbergDangerSpeeding, What's your excuseBakken YoungYou are being monitoredDrive slow see our village

Drive fast see our judgeThe original sign said: "Been down on a submarine yet?"  Some smarty pants subtly changed the message :PPIGSign not in UseZombie AttackSeeking Intelligent Life On Earth

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