Crop Circles (24 photos)

HQ album of Crop Circles

Cissbury RingsCrescent MoonsGalaxy FormationJulia SetKoch SnowflakeLiddington CastleSeventeen MoonsSisters of the PleiadesSpinning StarThe Crescent StarThe DreamcatcherWinterbourne StokeCrescent Moons, Wiltshire, England   1600x1200  Galaxy Formation, New Alresford, England, 1995  Cissbury Rings, England, 1995   1600x1200   ID 3Sisters of the Pleiades, Froxfield, England, 199Julia Set, Liddington Castle, near Swindon, EnglWinterbourne Stoke, England, 1995   1600x1200   The Crescent Star, Silbury Hill, England, 1999  The Dreamcatcher, Avebury, England, 1994   1600xLiddington Castle, near Swindon, England, 1997  Koch Snowflake, Silbury Hill, England, 1997   16Spinning Star, Wiltshire, England   1600x1200   Seventeen Moons, Wiltshire, England   1600x1200

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