Cityscapes (225 photos)

Photos of beautiful cityscapes from around the world. Lots of HDR quality.

Bistrot de Lyon by Trey RatcliffHong Kong NightNew York CityTrip Down the CanalItalian WaterfrontFarewell Hong KongCorner by Paulo Barcellos Jr.Conjunto Nacional by Paulo DinizCity Lights Under Bridge by ToshiLight tower by ToshiTemple Clouds by ToshiBest Little Book Store in the World by Frank SlackVågen at Night by Liesbeth and FrédéricButler at Library Columbia University by pbredowStaithes Village by Chris KirkAnother Blade Runner Style by Paulo Barcellos Jr.The City that Never Sleeps
by Paulo Barcellos Jr.Central Dark by Paulo Barcellos Jr.Frozen life by Paulo Barcellos Jr.The Dead Fountain by Paulo Barcellos Jr.Over the water by Paulo Barcellos Jr.From the Roof by Paulo Barcellos Jr.Piazza San Marco by Scott IngramManhattan by GuavColored Windows by GuavNew York City by Paulo Barcellos JrMountain House by Joel AntunesRiomaggiore by Scott Ingram
http://www.scottingramphotography.comAlong the Grand Canal by Scott Ingram
http://www.scottingramphotography.comCorniglia by Scott Igram
http://www.scottingramphotography.comAv. Paulista by Paulo DinizTrevi Fountain by Scott IngramSparkling Sao Paulo by Paulo DinizSorocaba 2 by Paulo DiniSorocaba by Paulo DinizIbirapuera by Paulo DinizViaduto do Chá by Paulo DinizEstação da Luz II by Paulo DinizAv. Paulista by Paulo DinizSão Paulo by Paulo DinizAv. Paulista 2 by Paulo DinizAv. Paulista by Paulo Diniz23 de Maio by Paulo Diniz23 de Maio 2 by Paulo DinizAv. Paulista by Paulo DinizAv. Paulista by Paulo DinizGraffiti by Paulo DinizThrough the Window by Paulo DinizAvenida Paulista by Paulo DinizDomingos de Morais by Paulo DinizThe Streets of Shanghai by Trey RatcliffRent Control by Trey RatcliffGlossy by McPhloydSeattle Skyline by McPhloydClean Living by k.tommyDark Matters of the Church
by Trey RatcliffUnderground by extranoiseThe Festival of Lights in Lyon by Trey RatcliffSummer Sky in Shanghai by Trey RatcliffChristmas on the Champs-Elysees by Trey RatcliffLa Basilique de Sacre Coeur de Montmartre by Trey RatcliThe Church in Winter by Trey RatcliffThe Museum on Ice by Trey RatcliffOver the City by Trey RatcliffMalaysia from the Air by Trey RatcliffWaterfront in the Morning by Trey RatcliffIn the Streets of Amsterdam by Trey RatcliffVancouver Coast by Trey RatcliffMalaysia by Trey RatcliffMorning Bridge by Trey RatcliffReflections in Chicago by Trey RatcliffVancouver at Midnight by Trey RatcliffIn the Dutch Countryside by Trey RatcliffSkyline by Trey RatcliffMillenium Park by Trey RatcliffHot Raw Sewage by Trey Ratcliff
"A lovely inlet in Bangkok where a delicate scent was wafting from this hot raw sewage that was dumping into the river."Evil Clouds Over Vancouver by Trey RatcliffAn Evening in the City by Trey RatcliffMelaka at Midnight by Trey Ratcliff
"This is the night market area of Melaka, Malaysia."The Church over the Canal Bridge by Trey Ratcliff
"This was taken around midnight in the heart of the red light district of Amsterdam."Sunset Storm Over Kuala Lumpur by Trey RatcliffNight Bridge by Trey RatcliffReflections by Trey RatcliffTimes Passed by Trey RatcliffAnother Night in Chicago by Trey RatcliffWindmills in the Evening by Trey RatcliffThe Haze of Kuala Lumpur by Trey Ratcliff
"In this shot, you can see the smoke in the air from stupid Indonesia where they burn forest for farmland, sending all the pollution to hover over the already muggy Kuala Lumpur.  The smoke is really bad... kids and adults are sick... people walk around with those sweet Avian-flu masks...  and most importantly, it cuts into my photography productivity."Picnic Under the Tower by Trey RatcliffThe Great Lake of Chicago by Trey Ratcliff
"This was taken with nine exposures on a late summer evening in Chicago.  The light made the lake have sort of a Caribbean blue color. It was one of my few trips there where I did not absolutely freeze to death or get shredded by ice crystals in monsoon-strength winds."Holland Sunset by Trey Ratcliff
"I think this is a pretty good example of what HDR is good for.  (and it is not good for ending sentences with prepositions.)"Fairy Tale by Trey Ratcliff
HDR taken with five exposures on a quiet evening outside of Haalrem in the countryside of Holland.  If I had taken it faster, you could have seen a few Hobbits fiddling in the garden."Steps by Trey RatcliffMultiple Horizons on the Olde Train Station by Trey RatcliffAmphitheatre in Pompeii by Trey RatcliffAd Blindness by Trey RatcliffGreen Forms by Trey RatcliffThe Ancient Roman Forum at Midnight by Trey Ratcliff
"That orange light was "natrual" in that the lights were yellow and they turned orangish in the long exposures."Train Hangar by Trey RatcliffShiny Night by Trey RatcliffThe Missile of Chicago by Trey RatcliffMasts and Shafts by Trey Ratcliff
"This was taken on the Bay of Naples in Italy on an early summer morning.  That volcano in the background is Mount Vesuvius, not very far from Pompeii."Meet you at the Tower by Trey RatcliffInside the Vatican walls by Trey RatcliffTwisted Metal by Trey RatcliffDutch Homes by Trey RatcliffReflection of the Excelsior by Trey RatcliffThe Eiffel in the Late Afternoon by Trey RatcliffDowntown Chicago by Trey RatcliffThe river at night by Trey RatcliffDoor into the Forum by Trey RatcliffGalilo Galilei by Trey RatcliffBreakers Hotel by Trey RatcliffBoy at Temple by Trey RatcliffDowntown Austin at Night by Trey RatcliffThe Dark Tower by Trey RatcliffMerry Christmas from Notre Dame by Trey RatcliffThe Details of Night by Trey RatcliffMagical Booth in Paris by Trey RatcliffSummer in East Germany by Trey RatcliffThe Red Carpet by Trey RatcliffMalaysia from the Air by Trey RatcliffOver Cape Town by Michael Grabowski
"Shot from atop Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. Despite being in the city, all you could hear was the waves and distant emergency sirens. Once the sirens passed it was a very quiet place."Midnight Milky Lagoon - The Geothermal Baths of Iceland by Trey Ratcliff
"This is a portion of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland just after dusk. The water was a hot and steamy milky-white, filled with all kind of nutrients and minerals. At this time of night, there was hardly anyone inside, so I felt like less lecherous walking around a swimming pool with my camera."I have a feeling Buddha is watching me by Trey Ratcliff
"Buddha is there nestled in his little cave...  checking me out... wondering what all this HDR stuff is about..."The Rainy Season of Vancouver by Trey Ratcliff
"This shot is across the harbor, looking back at downtown Vancouver."Wat Arun at Sunset by Trey Ratcliff
"Those are long boats in the foreground.  You can hire them to take you around the canals for just a few dollars for several hours. "The Veins of Bangkok by Trey RatcliffReflections in Iceland  by Trey RatcliffDeep Winter in Kiev by Trey Ratcliff
"Kiev is a cold place in the winter.  I can't for the life of me figure out why the Germans chose to invade these old Russian cities in the winter months.  They say the Russians had some significant success because they initially did not depend on tanks, which are not great in the snow, but instead relied on horse-cavalry. 

All of this ultimately made me think that the only thing worse than being a German soldier during a Kiev winter would be being a Russian horse.

Over on the right there, you can see the huge statue celebrating the Great Patriotic War, which we know as WWII."Kharkov Night Streets by Trey Ratcliff
"Kharkov is on the Russian border of the Ukraine.  If you take the amount of cold and snow in Kiev and multiply it by four, you get a pretty good idea of the Kharkov is like.

This is the central town square of Kharkov, which is decorated with bright blue lights on every tree up and down the street.  There is an ice skating rink in the middle, complete with hulking Soviet-throwback KGBesque security guard that came up to me and asked why I had such a large camera.  I told him it was because I was an American capitalist and that's the way the cookie crumbled.  He didn't know what I meant, and he simply pointed in the direction, indicating a hasty egress was my best course of action."Welcome to Kiev by Trey RatcliffLittle Boxes at Night by Trey Ratcliff
"That is the Empire State Building there in the middle separating the sunset from the night."Bangkok Alive by Trey RatcliffMorning Row by Trey RatcliffThe Tesla Coil in a Storm by Trey RatcliffMorning Calm by Michael Grabowski
"Taken at the V&A waterfront in Cape town."Weather by Trey RatcliffAfternoon near Ground Zero by Trey Ratcliff
"This is right beside the World Trade Center complex in New York."Summer Storm over Kuala Lumpur by Trey Ratcliff
" I am back in Kuala Lumpur today.  It's nice and muggy, like it is 364 days out of the year.  On that one other day, it is REALLY muggy.Well I am back in Kuala Lumpur today.  It's nice and muggy, like it is 364 days out of the year.  On that one other day, it is REALLY muggy.dfgdfg
This is the beautiful and most unique church in the heart of Reykjavik."Hong Kong AirportChicago at NightCedarbergDresden After the BombingMorning BridgeShanghai PowerCapetown HarborCorner GothWormholeThe Magic of DisneyTrenitaliaTrain HangarIn for the NightPetronas Towers at Night, Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaTown on the riverTokyo at NightFederal Hill ParkVancouver at NightBridges at NightAmalfi CoastGolden Gate BridgeGreat Wall of ChinaVeniceMount RushmoreToronto from the waterHong Kong NightNew York streetsLiverpool Albert DockVancouver duskFerris WheelRush hourDowntown PittsburghSeattle at dawnFalse Creek at duskBurrard BridgeDowntown Vancouver twilightStatue of LibertyMadrid SubwayTrue colors of StrasbourgTrue colors of StrasbourgMirrorTrain with graffitti at Hlavninadrazi PragueCaribbean HarborGranville BridgeEiffel TowerTyn CathedralSydney Opera HouseYaquina Head LighthouseManhattanHancock Centerat NightDeep cove at duskLake UnionDistant artLincoln MemorialEiffel TowererAtlanta skyline at sunsetSan Francisco Bay BridgeBeneath the Eiffel Tower, ParisBudapest by night by whiteice89City of life Hong Hong, ChinaConcorde Klein blue by ad2006L.A. lights CaliforniaPrague castle cityscape

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