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Sunrise Discovery of Angkor Wat by Trey Ratcliff
"I feel a bit like a British explorer, surrounded by my cadre of Cambodians at $18 a day.  They drive me around, carry my tripod, bring me water when I am thirsty, and seem anxious for me to colonize the area.  A member of my cadre woke me up early this morning at 5 AM.  I emerged from the jungle netting to walk around the angles of the ruins of Angkor Wat to find something to start the morning.'Wakai Port, Togian IslandsThe Buddha King of Angkor Wat by Trey Ratcliff
"Each of the 23 towers of Angkor Thom, one of the largest sub-cities inside Angkor Wat, is covered with these faces.  Like many of the remaining ruins, this one was built by king Jayavarman VII, whose face has been combined with Buddha's throughout the city to create a combined royal and religious imposing presence that permeates the city."Dutch Sunset by Trey RatcliffEvening on the Lake by Trey RatcliffThree Muses of Malaysia by Trey Ratcliff
"This was taken before a morning storm on the island of Langkawi off the coast of Malaysia. The rainbow there proves it is a real storm rather than the old HDR-dark-clouded-pretend-storm."Towering idols by Trey RatcliffAtlantic Coast in Namibia by Michael Grabowski
"We stayed in Swakopmund, Namibia for a couple nights and spent some time at the beach.These waves may not look massive but the tide was quite strong. My friend Luke decided to dive into these waves despite this. He was quickly thrown out on to the beach by the force of the waves. He was fine except for a few minor scratches."Fall TwilightRoad to nowhereArc FallsBlissMisty MountainsStiltsAgainst the coming stormCanadian RockiesDetroit EveningFinding the WayThe Great Wall of ChinaMountain LakeAlaskan lightsAntelope Valley, CaliforniaBeautiful AasamGreat Barrier Reef, AustraliaHimilayasKilauea Volcano, HawaiiMcdonald Lake, Glacier National Park, MontanaSecret lagoon, ThailandLofoten, Norway by Asbjorn MadsenDubai Sands by Jack JaggerCove in Norway by Asbjorn MadsenBodø to Moskenes in Lofoten by Asbjorn MadsenCielo de Caracas by Luis E. MarinAfternoon Sun by Henry MaddocksLake Titicaca, Peru by sealthDelta Shore by Michael GrabowskiMachu Picchu by sealthLast Light by Scott IngramHenry Hudson by pbredowSouth Landing Flamborough Head by Chris KirkSandsend Breakwater by Chris KirkNew York City Sky by Paulo Barcellos Jr.Passarela de Anchieta by Paulo Barcellos Jr.Itanhaém Sea by Paulo Barcellos Jr.Pembina Valley, Manitoba by Stephen CarsonWe're Not in Kansas Anymore by coffeeloverSilence II by shiftedrealityBlue Morning by shiftedrealitySaturday Morning by shiftedrealitySunset at Serra Da Estrela, Portugal by Joel AntunesColorful Place by Joel AntunesTower Mountain by Chris TarnawskiSerra da Estrela, Portugal by Joel AntunesSunset After a Rain Storm by maruhanSea Before a Storm by Francesco FassiTyre by dazy_snoBreckenridge Colorado by Joep RoosenBattersea Park Lake by Sarah MasonViña del Mar by Paulo DinizGlaciares Serrano y Balmaceda  by Paulo DinizDoor to the Sea by extranoiseGolden Beach by artic pjBeach at Nice by Semi-detachedThe Rock by artic pjThe Milky Blue Lagoon by Trey RatcliffDesert Forms by Scott IngramTriangle by Scott IngramOrange Sun by SeryoFencing by GigawebsThe Thinker in the Garden of Rodin by Trey RatcliffDry Docked for the Winter by Trey RatcliffWinter is Coming by Trey RatcliffThe Lighthouse Built in 1939 by Trey RatcliffCoastal Scene by Scott IngramQuiet Park by Trey RatcliffRomancing the Stone by Trey Ratcliff
"This is part of the deep jungle of Langkawi island, off the coast of Malaysia."Islands off Malaysia by Trey RatcliffSetting Sun by Trey RatcliffThe Rot by Trey RatcliffBig Sky Over Botswana by Michael Grabowski
"This was taken on a game walk through the Okavango Delta."Delta Plain by Michael Grabowski
"Shot while we were wandering about Botswana looking for wildlife."Sesriem Canyon by Michael Grabowski
"I turned 25 while in Africa and this is where we were that day."Towering Red Sand Dunes of Sossusvlei by Michael Grabowski
"These dunes form the gateway into the Namib Desert. We got up at 4:30am in order to climb to the top of Dune 45 very likely the most photographed dune in the world. The climb was very demanding as we had to rush in order to make it for sunrise. It was more than worth the effort."Etosha at Dusk by Michael Grabowski
"In the two days we spend in Etosha National Park, Nambiba we spent a lot of time at this watering hole. This photo was not taken with the use of a zoom lens, we were this close to the action. We saw elephants, a rhino, lions, a hyena, kudu, and countless zebras here. Just a perfect place to spend an afternoon with a few beers and great company. "Clouds Over the Delta by Michael Grabowski
"Another shot from our wanderings through the Okavango Delta. In order to take this shot I had to climb atop a 12 foot termite mound which made for a great tripod."The Delta in the Evening by Michael Grabowski
"Taken while we were returning to our campsite from an evening game walk. Wandering about through the Okavango Delta at night can lead to getting eaten. This was made clear to me when I went in search of clear water to purify at 10pm. I'm S-M-R-T."At the Edge by Michael Grabowski
"This shot illustrates what I love about Africa. We swam to the edge of one of the largest waterfalls without any safety measures or restraints. It was up to you to not fall over the edge. The group shot shows how close we were. There was a natural rock wall behind to prevent us from falling over but it still ranks up there with one of the scariest things i've ever done."Cliffton Beach by Michael Grabowski
"Another shot in Cape Town, South Africa. Aside from good beer this country has stunning views. "Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius by morning by Trey Ratcliff
"My hotel room in Naples faced out across the bay of Napoli and Mount Vesuvius, where I could see the sunrise each morning. I always kept my camera charged up just in case there was one of these mornings, and fortunately, there always was. I can’t believe my friend Valerio (Valpopando) actually lives there and gets to see this all the time. I hope he appreciates it!"Snowy Forest of Kharkov by Trey RatcliffA Pool for Reflection by Trey Ratcliff
"From the island archipelago of Langkawi."The Fog of British Colombia by Trey RatcliffFoggy Morning in the Backyard by Trey Ratcliff
"The weather got bitter cold here overnight, but it brought in some nice fog in the morning light."The Hidden Pond by Trey Ratcliff
Morning Skaters in Iceland
by Trey RatcliffTurtle Creek by Trey RatcliffStuck in Disney World by Trey RatcliffMokoro Ride by Michael GrabowskiVictoria Falls by Michael GrabowskiThe Calm After the Storm
by Trey RatcliffCalm River by Trey RatcliffWill in Iceland at the Ocean
by Trey Ratcliff
"There is Will, in his baleen glory, standing, arms askew in stay-puft falling pose, in front of the ocean on the southern coast of Iceland.  You can tell from the ratio of Will’s impressive stature the immense size of the waves in the distance.  I was hoping an errant wave might come hit Will, just for the comedy factor (and the potential photo-op)."Hellish Expulsion by Trey RatcliffThe Genesis Project by Trey Ratclif
"We went out into the extremities of Iceland to get this shot.  The earth was brittle and you had to watch where you were stepping.  Some parts were mossy and full of life while just a few meters away there were pools of boiling acid and boiling sulfur."Vancouver's Waterfront by Trey Ratcliff
"Another sunny day in Vancouver's Autumn..."Hot springs by Trey RatcliffGlass by Trey RatcliffMorning Mist at the LagoonWelcome To ParadiseMy Favorite PlaceColors HarmonyPavilionA Secret Tendencynature widescreen wallpapernature widescreen wallpapernature widescreen wallpapernature widescreen wallpaperLake Wannaka New ZealandHDR nature wallpaper

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